Chartered Accountants Salary in India 2023 | CA Salary Per Month

chartered accountants salary in india

A CA’s income is measured in lakhs, making them some of the best-paid professionals in India. The expansion of the financial industry, which increased demand for CAs and their jobs, is the main cause of their high income.

In India, a CA makes an average pay of Rs. 8.5 lakhs per year, with salaries ranging from Rs. 3.6 lakhs to Rs. 12 lakhs. In addition, depending on one’s qualifications and experience, the greatest yearly salaries for a chartered accountant can total 50–60 lakhs. Among the largest employers of CAs are the Big 4 corporations and MNCs in India. Additionally, CAs employed outside of India may receive generous compensation packages of up to INR 70 to 80 lakhs per year.

But it takes a lot of effort and self-control to achieve high salaries. Additionally, you will need to have solid CA articleship experience and pass the CA examinations with an AIR on your first try. Therefore, Chartered Accountancy is a great and high-paying career for you if you have an interest in accounting, taxation, and finances.

The compensation of a Chartered Accountant and the key determinants of it, such as experience, abilities, job description, and location, are discussed in this article. Click on this link to get the full details about the CA Course guide in addition to learning about the entire CA course.

CA Salary in India 2023

Look at the table below to see what a chartered accountants salary in india :

Particulars Per Annum Salary Monthly Salary
Freshers INR 698.3k INR 58,200
Average Salary for Freshers INR 804k INR 67,000
Lowest salary INR 437k INR 36,500
Experienced (2-3 yrs) INR 1100k INR 91,000
Highest Salary INR 6000K INR 500,000

Starting Salary of CA in India per Month

A CA’s starting salary in India is approximately INR 67,000 per month. A Chartered Accountant’s monthly income will also be influenced by his CA Final ranking, his articleship experience, his employment role, and the company he works for.

Younger CAs who pass their exams on their first attempt are given larger yearly remuneration packages, ranging from INR 12- 13 lakhs. A CA topper in India also obtains a salary of INR 15 to 20 lakhs per year.

Particulars Salary
CA Final cleared in many attempts INR 8-9 Lakhs
CA Final cleared in 1st attempt INR 12-13 Lakhs
CA Final Toppers INR 15-20 Lakhs

Minimum Salary Package of a Fresher Chartered Accountant in India

In India, the starting salary for a newly qualified chartered accountant is between INR 3 and 4 lakhs annually. Candidates who have successfully passed the CA examinations on several occasions will typically receive these cheap packages. However, they can eventually earn more money if they put forth constant effort and perform well.

However, we advise you to put in more effort so that you can pass the CA examinations in your first attempt and earn a high wage.

Highest Per Month Salary of a CA in India

An Indian CA with recent graduation could make up to $2,500,000 per month. Candidates who scored the highest All India Rank in the CA examinations may apply. Chartered Accountants, who have gained experience and expertise, can earn up to 5 lakhs per month.

However, foreign companies also employ Indian CAs and pay them up to INR 76 lakhs annually for their services. Many chartered accountants also run their own businesses and earn millions of dollars.

CA Salary Comparison Between India & Other Countries

Chartered accountants receive different salaries depending on the nation in which they work. Certain nations have greater demand for CA than others. Additionally, the wage packages are influenced by the cost of living, the value of human resources, the financial sector, and the size of the companies.

View the table below for a comparison of Chartered Accountants salary in India and other nations.

Country Fresher Experience(4-5 yrs) Lowest Salary Highest Salary Average Salary
India INR 698.3k INR 1000k INR 437k INR 7M INR 804.3k
USA $51.1k $78.7k $28k $267k $80k
Dubai AED 100k AED 121k AED 27k AED 616k AED 119k
UK £28.4k £32.2k £24k £62k £ 35.9k
Australia AU$ 74.1k AU$64.1k AU$54k AU$113k AU$ 70.9

Chartered Accountant Salary Offered by Different Sectors in India 2023

The Big 4 CA Firms

The Big 4 refers to the four largest networks of accounting firms. E&Y, PWC, Deloitte, and KPMG make up this group. They are among the largest employers in India and offer competitive CA salaries. Thousands of students put forth a lot of effort to land jobs at the big 4 companies.

The average CA compensation offered by these large 4 organisations for new hires ranges from INR 6 to 8 lakhs annually. These organisations will, however, pay a Chartered Accountant up to INR 25 lakhs per year, depending on his capability and skill, when he gains experience and expertise.

Fresher Chartered Accountants’ Starting Pay at the Big 4 Firms:

Big 4 Firm Least Salary Highest Salary
Deloitte LLP INR 45,000 INR 60,000
PricewaterhouseCoopers INR 48,000 INR 68,000
Ernst & Young INR 40,000 INR 63,000
KPMG INR 46,000 INR 62,000

Multinational Companies and FMCGs

A beginning Chartered Accountants salary in India of 18 to 25 lacs annually is provided by multinational and FMCG corporations. Since only ranking students are hired by international corporations like HUL, P&G, RB, and Marico, you must have an AIR under 50 to be considered for employment.

Along with a competitive Chartered Accountant pay, you’ll also receive perks and financial advantages including free transport, a leased car, lodging, insurance and more.

CA Firms

Top CA firms often provide salaries between INR 3 and 8 lacs annually. You will gain a lot of exposure and job experience if you join a CA firm in your early years. A new Chartered Accountant can learn how to interact with clients or income tax officials here. Later, you can open your own practice and gain access to more financial benefits.

IT Companies

Fresher chartered accountants are paid between INR 8 and 10 lakhs annually by IT businesses. The annual salary for competent accountants will be around INR 50 lakhs.

The finest IT companies for CAs who don’t want additional work are TCS, Wipro, and Infosys. CAs have a decent job with a nice package and a light workload in these companies. Here, the task is to boost revenue and cut costs using their knowledge and analytical abilities.

However, because it won’t advance your knowledge and competence, it is frequently not favoured being an eager Chartered Accountant.

Public Sector Undertakings

PSUs give Chartered Accountants salary in India range from INR 7 to 15 lacs annually. Although the annual increment is somewhat little, it is still a decent choice.

Many fresher CAs are hired from the ICAI campus placement by government businesses or PSUs including BSNL, ONGC, BHEL, and GAIL. These companies frequently shortlist individuals based on their scores in the range of 55% to 60%.


An yearly package of 8 to 10 Indian rupees is provided to CAs by Indian banks including ICICI, HDFC, SBI, PNB, and others. Chartered Accountants can work in a variety of positions in the banking industry, including analyst, financial officer, audit executive, etc.

Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing businesses like TCS and MRF provide Chartered Accountant salaries that range from INR 7 to 8 lakhs per year. Initial packages have been observed to be modest, but growth and increments have been observed to be significant.

4 Factors Affecting CA Salary Packages in India

Many variables influence a CA’s compensation and have a significant impact on the creation of their payslip. These variables include their age, education level, work history, city of residence, CA Final Score, number of tries, etc.

CA Salary in India Based on Experience

Companies place a high value on a chartered accountant’s experience, both in terms of years spent and depth of knowledge. The CA’s annual compensation will be influenced by the work he completed in those years.

For candidates with a minimum of five years of experience, the average Chartered Accountants salary in India is INR 20 lakhs per year.

CA Experience Per Annum Salary
0-5 years INR 10-15 lakhs
CA salary after 10 years INR 23 lakhs
10-20 years  INR 30 lakhs
Above 20 years  INR 50-70 lakhs

In order to receive a higher salary, it is imperative for CAs to upgrade their knowledge.

Chartered Accountant Salary Based on Skills

A CA will be paid more if he possesses analytical, compliance, and reporting skills.

A CA’s typical salary exceeds INR 8 lakhs when they possess hard skills like managing a budget, strategic accounting, management auditing, financial analysis, and controlling.

The table below lists chartered accountants salary in India according to their skill sets.

CA Skills Per Annum Salary
Budget management  INR 9.5-11 lakhs
Strategic accounts INR 8.9-9 lakhs
Evaluation and management auditing INR 8.5-9 lakhs
Financial analysis INR 8.5-8.8 lakhs
Financial advisor INR 8.5-8.75 lakhs
SAP financial accounting and


INR 8.10-8.25 lakhs
Financial reporting INR 8.-8.2 lakhs
Auditing  INR 7-7.5 lakhs
Account management  INR 7-7.25 lakhs
Internal audit INR 7.25-7.35 lakhs
Accounting  INR 7.25-7.35 lakhs
Tax consulting INR 7.10-7.25 lakhs
Tax compliance INR 7-7.1 lakhs

CA Salary in Different Job Profiles

A CA has several work prospects because of their extensive understanding in numerous financial and tax-related industries. He has the option of becoming a business analyst, financial officer, accountant, or finance manager.

The list of salaries for chartered accountants depending on their job descriptions is provided below.

CA Job Profile Per Annum Salary
Financial officer INR 35 lakhs
Account executive INR 25 lakhs
Accountant INR 25 lakhs
Finance controller INR 19 lakhs
Finance manager INR 10 lakhs
Chartered accountant INR 7.25 lakhs
Financial analyst INR 6 lakhs
Assistant account manager INR 5 lakhs
Senior account executive INR 4 lakhs
Senior accountant  INR 3.5 lakhs
Business analyst INR 4 lakhs
Account assistant  INR 2 lakhs

Chartered Accountant Salary in India in Different Cities

In several Indian towns, chartered accountants are paid:

  • CA salary in Gurgaon – INR 9.5 lakhs
  • CA salary in Mumbai – INR 8.8 lakh
  • CA salary in Chennai – INR 8.5 lakh
  • CA salary in Delhi – INR 7.5 lakh
  • CA salary in Guwahati – INR 6.2 lakh
  • CA salary in Punjab – INR 6 lakh
  • CA salary in Pune – INR 6 lakh
  • CA salary in Ahmedabad – INR 6 lakh
  • CA salary in Jaipur – INR 5 lakh

Highest Paying Companies to CA in India

As we all know, one of the highest-paying occupations in India is accounting. Numerous organisations, like Reliance, ICICI Bank, TATA, Bharti Airtel, and others, pay excellent wages to CAs. For chartered accountants, working for these organisations is the stuff of dreams.

Let’s look at the businesses that offer the highest Chartered Accountant salary in India:

Company CA Salary
Microsoft INR 3 to 4 lakhs
TCS INR 7 to 8 Lakhs
Reliance Industries INR 11 to 13 LakhsLakhs
Infosys INR 8 to 10 Lakhs

Does the Number of CA Exam Attempts Affect the CA Salary?

You might believe that getting your dream income in the first years will be difficult due to your rank. It’s true, but with perseverance and intelligence, you can reach the level you deserve.

Many individuals who have attempted the CA Final twice or more began their careers with one of the Big 4 organisations with starting packages of only INR 6–8 lakhs, but over the course of 4-5 years, they have maintained a strong position and seen an increase in their average income to INR 24–25 lakhs annually. In addition, a lot of candidates quit the Big 4 organisations within a year owing to the excessive work demands.

1. Get a High Rank in CA Exams

If you perform well on the CA Final exams, you will have a higher chance of receiving an attractive annual package. If they achieve an All India rank in the CA Final exams, chartered accountants are compensated between INR 20 and INR 25 lakhs per year. You can also submit an application for jobs at the top 4 companies and huge firms.

2. Clear CA exams in Fewer Attempts

Even if a candidate does not achieve an All India rank but succeeds in passing the CA examinations in one or two attempts, they can still earn a reasonable monthly salary. According to recruitment insights from the top CA businesses in India, Chartered Accountants would surely earn 14 to 15 lakh rupees with little work.

Both the other CA firms and the major 4 firms accept applications. You could also submit an application to PSUs or government-run companies, which shortlist candidates depending on how many times they have passed the CA exam.

You can enrol in Agrawal Classes to pass the CA examinations with flying colours. Students from Agrawal Classes have won India’s highest overall ranking seven times.

3. Master Financial Accounting and Analysis

Your primary responsibilities as a CA will be keeping track of the books of accounts and developing budgets and statements. So, if you want to acquire insightful information, understand how to record, handle, and analyse financial statements. For this, you might enrol in online courses from trustworthy mentors. You might also imitate industry leaders to learn how they operate in their positions.

4. Learn Microsoft Excel

Any CA should be fluent in Microsoft Excel because it can be used to store, organise, and evaluate financial data. A lot of companies also demand that the CAs comprehend Excel at a basic level. As a result, you can use the widely available online classes on the internet to learn Excel and use it in your everyday tasks.

5. Join a Good Articleship Firm

Your CA articleship experience will have a significant impact on your salary in the first few years. Therefore, we suggest all students to work harder and sign up with a reliable articleship organisation. Do not skip or select a bogus articleship. You will stand out from the competition because of your articleship experience.

6. Make Your Communication Skills Strong

The ability to speak up for your views in meetings is an indication of effective communication. You will be picked for interviews if you can effectively communicate. It will also help you advance over the long term. The ICAI offers communication courses that you can enrol in.

7. Locality of Service

The city or state in which you work will also affect your salary. While tier 2 cities like Jaipur and Ahmedabad offer low compensation, certain tier 1 cities, including Mumbai and Delhi, offer competitive CA packages. Selecting a company with its corporate headquarters in a major city (tier 1) is a wise move.

Earnings of a Practising Chartered Accountant

Based on their ability to attract wealthy clientele, CAs who open their own practice can make a good living. A practising chartered accountant typically earns between INR 20 and 22 lakhs per year. Additionally, he can easily make around INR 50 lakhs a year if he attracts significant clients. However, a practising CA typically makes at least INR 10–11 lakhs per year.

Obtaining well-paying clients can help practising CAs generate a reliable income. A practising chartered accountant typically earns between INR 20 and 22 lakhs per year. Furthermore, he can easily make around 50 lakhs rupees a year if he attracts clients with large budgets. However, the annual minimum salary for a practising CA is somewhere between INR 10 and INR 11 lakhs.

What are the Income Sources for CA Other than Salary?

In addition to salary, the CA’s other sources of income are:

  1. Consultation Fees –The fees go to the CA who provides consultancy services. This cost will depend on how long the consultation takes or what tasks are involved.
  2. Commission – Companies reward CAs with commissions when they provide solutions to specific financial issues, such as preparing merger books or presenting strong books to attract investors.
  3. Bonus – CAs receive a bonus in addition to their income if their performance is strong and helps their employers make more money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are CAs rich in India?

Yes, a lot of CAs are employed by big businesses or have opened up their own practices, and they make a lot of money.

Can a CA earn in Crores?

Yes, a CA can make millions of dollars by holding executive roles in huge businesses or dealing with high-end clientele.

Are Chartered Accountants the Highest paid professionals in India?

Indeed, the highest-paid professionals in India are chartered accountants. A CA’s annual compensation at the top end can be between 60 and 70 lakhs.

Who earns more Doctor, CA or Lawyer?

 When salary, education, work, and length are considered, CAs make more money than doctors and lawyers.

Which industries pay high salaries to CA in India?

Accounting, financial services, banks, IT & consulting, and construction are the top-paying sectors for CAs.

Which CA has the highest salary in India?

 The Chartered Accountant with the highest salary in India is Kumar Mangalam Birla.

What is the salary of a CA in Delhi?

The typical CA pay in Delhi is INR 8,25,000 annually.

What is the CA salary in Mumbai?

The typical annual compensation for a CA in Mumbai is INR 8,80,000.

Why are CA aspirants wasting 5, 6 or more years under so much pressure when the average CA salary is just 7 to 8 lakhs?

Students should be aware that a CA fresher’s income typically ranges between 7-8 lakhs. Their beginning salary will be between 15 and 20 lakhs if they are able to obtain an AIR and pass the examinations in one or two attempts. Additionally, even though the starting package for a CA is modest, the career progression & income are very high.

Do those who clear the CA exam on the first attempt earn more salary?

 Yes, applicants who pass the CA examinations in their first attempt make more money. They could receive a yearly package of Rs. 13–15 lakhs.

Is it tough to become a CA?

Yes, being a chartered accountant is challenging. The three levels of the CA exams, which are regarded as the most challenging exams in India, must be passed.

Which has better salary CA or CMA?

While CMA only deals with Management Accounting, CA deals with Accounting, Auditing, and Taxation. Due to CA’s ability to cover a broader region, the demand for it continues to be significant. Because of this, a CA makes a high income. Click on the link for a more detailed comparison between CA and CMA.