ICAI CA Inter & Final Result May 2024 (Officially Date Announced)


The results of the Chartered Accountants Final Examinations held in May 2024 are due to be formally revealed on July 11th, 2024, and candidates will be able to access them via the ICAI website

It should be emphasized that in order to see the results on the aforementioned website, the applicant must enter both his or her registration number and roll number.

People who register their mobile number and email address on the ICAI website will receive the ICAI final results for May 2024 via email and SMS.

This post will teach you how to verify the CA Final May 2024 result, pass percentage, toppers list, statement of marks, rank certificate, and how to request mark verification.

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Check ICAI CA May/June 2024 Result?

Follow the steps below to check the CA Final May 2024 result:

  1. Visit and then click on “Results”.
  2. Then, click on “Final (New)“.
  3. After that, input your ICAI Final Roll number and registration number or PIN, and then click “Check Result”.
  4. Your findings will now appear in a separate window. Keep a printout of your results for future reference.

Check ICAI Final Result May 2024 by SMS

To receive the ICAI CA Final result 2024 via SMS, set up a new message on your handset as follows:

New Scheme – CAFNLNEW(space)XXXXXX (where XXXXXX is the candidate’s 6-digit final examination roll number) and email it to 57575. This facility is open to all mobile services.

Passing Criteria of the CA Final Exams May 2024

Students who achieve 40% in specific courses and 50% overall will pass the CA Final examinations. Students who are dissatisfied with their CA Final results may request Verification of Marks or Inspection of Certified Copies.

Pass with Distinction – Students who score 70% or higher will receive a result indicating that they passed with distinction.

Know more about CA Inter :

CA Intermediate Passing Criteria for May 2024

According to the CA Intermediate Passing Criteria, students must score at least 40% in each topic and 50% in total across all topics in a group. Because the CA Intermediate course is separated into two groups, students can choose to complete one or both.

Pass with Distinction – If a student completes all of the CA Intermediate papers with an aggregate score of 70%, he will be issued a statement of marks indicating that he passed the exam with distinction.

Get CA Final Result May 2024 via Email

For receiving your ICAI Final May 2024 result via email:

Step 1.) Visit the website –

Step 2.) Register yourself before the last date of the registration

To receive your ICAI Final May 2024 results via email:

Step 1.) Go to the website:

Step 2: Register yourself before the registration deadline.

Students who want to check their exam results via email should register their email address with the ICAI after the exams are concluded.

Steps To Verify CA Intermediate Answer Sheet Online

The processes for verifying your CA Intermediate answer sheet online are outlined here.

  • Visit the official ICAI website (
  • Log in using your user ID and password.
  • Choose the option marked “Verification of answer sheets”.
  • To authenticate your CA Intermediate answer book, please provide a scanned handwritten application.
  • Indicate which papers you want to verify.
  • Make an online payment for your application fee.
  • After you pay the fees, you will receive a payment confirmation notification.

What After CA Intermediate Result May 2024?

After passing the CA Intermediate May 2024 exam, you can start your 3.5-year articleship practical training. Even if you only pass one of the two categories of CA Intermediate exams, you will be eligible for practical training. To enroll in the CA final level, you must first complete both CA Intermediate groups.

What if you Forget Login Credentials to Check the Result?

If a student forgets the login credentials needed to view the CA Final result, refer to the following points:

Admit Card – Check your CA Final admission card for your registration and roll number.

You can also phone the ICAI’s helpline number. The ICAI hotline numbers are 0120 3054, 851, 852, 853, 854 and 835; 0120 4953, 751, 752, 753 and 754. You must express your concerns, and they will provide you with login information once verified.

E-sahayta – Visit the ICAI website and log in with your email address. Then look for your query to figure out what to do next.

What will you get in your CA Final Marksheet?

Your CA Final and Inter scorecard will contain details such as –

  • Your Name
  • Registration Number
  • Roll number
  • Result status of each group
  • Total marks obtained
  • Marks obtain in each group.
  • Grade
  • Overall Result (Pass/Failed)
  • Rank (If Applicable)
  • Qualification Status (Chartered Accountant or not)
  • Percentage
  • Certificate of Practice (COP) eligibility (if mentioned)

Know more about CA Final :

CA Intermediate Result 2024 Minimum Qualifying Marks

To pass the CA Intermediate 2024 exam, students must score at least 40% on each paper. A single group requires at least 50% overall.

However, if both groups are examined, an overall passing rate of 50% for Group 1 and 40% for each paper in Group 2 is necessary. These group-specific and total passing scores are necessary for passing the CA Intermediate exam.

CA Intermediate Result Passing Distinction 2024

Candidates who pass the CA Intermediate May 2024 test on their first attempt and achieve a cumulative score of 70% on all papers will be recognized as having earned a distinction.

The CA Intermediate pass certificate for May 2024 indicates that the individual passed the exam with distinction.

ICAI CA Intermediate Pass Percentage 2024

Along with the CA Intermediate Result May 2024 session, the ICAI will release the CA Intermediate pass percentage for May 2024. The following table summarizes the CA Intermediate November 2023 Passing Percentage for Groups 1 and 2.

CA Intermediate Pass Percentage Nov 2023
Group (s) No. of candidates appeared No. of candidates passed Pass percentage
Group 1 1,17,304 19,686 16.78
Group 2 93,638 17,957 19.18
Both groups 53,459 5,204 9.73

ICAI CA Final Pass Percentage May 2024

Students can check the CA Final pass percentage of May 2024 in the below section.

Candidates Applied for Appeared Passed Pass Percentage
Group 1 65294 6176 9.46
Group 2 62679 13540 21.6%
Both Groups 32907 3099 9.42%

ICAI has released the CA Final passing percentage for the May 2024 exams.

Group Appeared Passed Pass %
Group 1 57067 6795 11.91
Group 2 61844 19438 31.43
Both Groups 25841 2152 8.33

CA Intermediate Result 2024 Toppers List

The ICAI will release the list of CA Intermediate toppers for May 2024, along with the CA Intermediate 2024 results. The table below shows the names of the applicants who obtained the highest marks in the CA Intermediate test 2023 and are in the top three ranks.

CA Intermediate Toppers Nov 2023
CA Intermediate toppers Nov 2023 Marks Rank City
Jay Devang 691 1 Mumbai
Tanay Bhageria 688 2 Ahmedabad
Rishi Himanshu Kumar 668 3 Surat

ICAI Launches New SPMT :

CA Final Result May 2024 Toppers List

The following are the top ICAI CA Final test candidates for November 2023. Madhur Jain achieved 77.38% (619/800) in the CA Final exam in November 2023, earning him the AIR 1. Furthermore, Sanskruti Atul Parolia was given AIR 2 with 74.99% (699/800), Prakhar Varshney with 73.75% (590/800), and Rishi Malhotra with AIR 3. We congratulate them on their outstanding achievement.

Name Madhur Jain Sanskruti Atul Parolia Tikendra Kumar Singhal Rishi Malhotra
City Jaipur Mumbai Jaipur Jaipur
Marks 619/ 800 599/ 800 590/ 800 590/ 800
Percentage 77.38 74.99 73.75 73.75

ICAI released the toppers list of the CA Final May 2023 exams along with the results.

Particulars AIR I AIR II AIR III
Name Jain Akshay Ramesh Kalpesh Jain G Prakhar Varshney
City Ahmedabad Chennai New Delhi
Roll Number 602848 617319 630530
Marks 616800 603/800 574/800
Percentage 77.00 75.38 71.75

Few IMP Details Regards CA Final Result May 2024

Definition of Exemption: If an applicant fails one or more topics but passes the examination with a score of 60% on any of the CA Final exams, the candidate is eligible for an exemption for the next three examination attempts. Exemptions allowed in a paper are indicated by a “#” next to the topic marks provided. The result is indicated as “F-Ex” in the statement of marks.

CA Final Statement of Marks: Students will receive a Statement of Marks via mail shortly after the CA Final May 2024 exam results are released. However, if a student has not received it within 4-5 weeks, they should contact The AICITSS evaluation results are also reflected in the statement of marks.

CA Final Pass Certificate: Students who pass both of the CA Final Nov 2023 Examination groups, either jointly or individually, will be issued a pass certificate within 60 days of the results being announced. Students who do not receive the results after eight weeks should contact

CA Final Rank Certificate: If you pass the CA Final exam in May 2024 with a minimum of 55% aggregate marks and one of the 50 All India Ranks, the ICAI will send you a rank certificate via post. However, the top three winners will receive rank certificates from the ICAI President during the ICAI Annual Day celebration in February.

Verification of Marks and Certificate: Students who are dissatisfied with their CA Final results may request mark verification. The ICAI standards say you have one month to apply for mark verification. Now, the Verification result usually takes 6-8 weeks to come. Students can get their CA Final November 2023 verification results online at If anything changes after verification, the ICAI will send an amended statement of marks to the registered address.

What After CA Final Result May 2024?

  • Apply for ICAI membership to become a certified accountant.
  • Acquire advanced credentials like CISA, CFA, or CPA.
  • Gain actual experience in accounting firms or organizations.
  • Choose a concentration: taxation, auditing, finance, or consulting.
  • Continuing education options include an MBA or specialized courses.
  • Investigate entrepreneurship and set up a separate practice.
  • Engage in networking, professional development, and conferences.
  • Consider your alternatives in teaching and academia.

ICAI CA New Scheme Syllabus & Subjects 2024 :

Students who did not pass the CA Final May 2024 exams may register for them. The ICAI will soon release the CA Final Exam forms. Given the short time frame for the May 2024 exams, we urge that students create and follow a timetable. Make sure you revise the CA Final syllabus at least three times and practice with mock exams on a consistent basis


1. What is the CA Final result date of May 2024 exams?

Ans : The CA Final result date of May 2024 will announced on 11th July 2024 Officially.

2. What time ICAI to be Declare the CA Final Result May 2024?

Ans: The ICAI is scheduled to officially disclose the CA Final results on July 11, 2024, at 11 a.m.

3. Where to check my CA Final Result?

Ans : You can check your CA Final result on the ICAI official website –

4. How to utilize the gap of two months between CA Final exams & their results?

Ans: After the CA Final exams, we advise students to relax and have fun. However, if you want to do something, you should learn extra job-related skills, such as MS Excel and communication talents. You can also work short for a Chartered Accountant.

5. How to obtain CA Final Certificate Marksheet?

Ans: Students can apply online to verify assessed answer sheets for a fee of Rs 500. The Institute strives to give you with certified copies within 30 days of receiving your application at ICAI.

6. How much salary does a CA Final topper get?

Ans: Large Indian enterprises and foreign corporations pay CA Final test winners between 15 and 25 lakhs per year.

7. How often does ICAI organize CA Intermediate exams in a year?

Ans : The ICAI conducts CA Intermediate exams twice annually, during May and November.

8. Can I make changes to the CA Intermediate exam application form after it is submitted?

Ans : Limited corrections are allowed during specific correction windows, as announced by ICAI.

9. How can I apply for verification of my CA Intermediate marks?

Ans : You can apply online within a month of receiving the results by completing the appropriate form and paying the price.

10. When will the CA Intermediate May 2024 results be announced?

Ans : The results are typically declared around 1 month after the exams.

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