CA Intermediate Exam as Per New Syllabus 2024


The Chartered Accountancy (CA) Intermediate level is a crucial step on the route to becoming a chartered accountant, despite its challenging coursework and exams. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has released an updated curriculum for the CA Intermediate course in order to ensure that aspiring chartered accountants (CAs) have access to the most up-to-date knowledge and skills. In this blog, we’ll go over the key concepts covered in the CA Intermediate New Syllabus, providing candidates with a better understanding of what to expect and advice on navigating this challenging yet rewarding phase of their career.

Structure and pattern have been updated:

The structure and design of the CA Intermediate test have been modified in light of the new syllabus. Six papers are divided into two groups, Group I and Group II, each with three papers. The framework aims to provide a thorough understanding of many facets of business, finance, and accounting.

Papers for Group I:

Papers for Group I:

a. Advanced Accounting: This portion of the CA Intermediate New Syllabus 2024 focuses on creating financial statements utilizing Indian Accounting Standards that are comparable to IFRS, as well as applying accounting standards to real-world company circumstances. It also discusses the framework for financial statement preparation and IFRS convergence or implementation.
b. Corporate and Other Laws: This essay discusses business law, other corporate laws, ethics, as well as legal and regulatory issues. Candidates must be familiar with the laws that govern corporations and corporate governance.
c. Taxation: Both direct and indirect taxes are covered in this paper. To prepare applicants for the complexities of the taxation landscape. It has 2 sections:

  • Goods and Service Tax(GST)
  • Income Tax Laws(IT)

Papers for Group II:

a. Cost and Management Accounting: This paper provides candidates with the tools they need to control expenses and make decisions in businesses, with an emphasis on budgeting, performance analysis, and costing approaches.

b. Auditing and Ethics: The major goals are to understand the fundamental concepts of auditing and become acquainted with well-known auditing methodologies, approaches, and competencies. Students will also learn how to successfully utilize this knowledge in audit and attestation assignments.

c. Financial Management and Strategic Management: Financial management’s primary purpose is to maximize the value of an organization’s money.

Strategic management, on the other hand, focuses on the big picture, describing how to develop and implement plans that will help a company achieve its long-term goals.

FM and SM are not separate concepts, but rather two sides of the same coin. Effective strategy necessitates excellent financial management, and making sound financial decisions necessitates a thorough awareness of the business environment. Students participating in CA Inter obtain a broad perspective by acquiring both FM and SM.

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Strategies for Preparation

Given the broad character of the new syllabus, candidates must employ effective preparation approaches. This requires creating a study timetable that enables enough time for each paper, practicing with prior exams and practice problems, and seeking guidance from mentors or qualified teachers. Furthermore, candidates must stay up to date on any changes or updates made by the ICAI to ensure that they are appropriately prepared for the tests.

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CA Intermediate New Syllabus is a significant step forward in aligning the CA curriculum with the needs of today’s business sector. Aspiring chartered accountants should approach this stage with a commitment to understanding both the theoretical and real-world applications of the ideas. By diligently studying the new syllabus and planning ahead, candidates can pass the tests and become well-rounded professionals ready to make meaningful contributions to the finance and accounting industries.

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