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One of the primary accounting qualifications that might catapult you to greater achievement and success is the Certified Management Accountant (CMA). To become a CMA, you must have the member a member of  Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), pass the CMA exam, and meet education and experience requirements. If you’re asking, “Why should I become a CMA?” consider these four different CMA benefits. Learn more about each of them to learn how becoming certified will help you succeed in your accounting profession.

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Breaking down the CMA Benefits

1. The CMA opens doors into the business world :

The CMA is a sophisticated, globally recognized designation that displays an ability for making business-related financial decisions. For some, the business orientation makes it preferable to a CPA. The CMA is your ticket if you want to make business choices, assist run a business, or be involved in any way with business. It enables you to specialize your accounting practice by providing an accurate understanding of how accounting and business intersect.

The CMA is widely regarded as the gold standard in management accounting, and it is intended to combine accounting practices with business understanding. To pass the CMA exam, you must comprehend corporate governance and principles such as responsibility accounting. This understanding places you in a unique position between a company’s finance and management departments. Because CMAs make knowledgeable business decisions with money in mind, many wind up serving as consultants to their clients.

The CMA gives businesses with the invaluable understanding of finance that they require to be efficient and profitable. CMAs frequently collaborate with higher management, and their expertise, abilities, and experience have an impact on the direction of these enterprises. A CMA serves as a vital member of the management team when equipped with relevant financial data and analysis.

Obtaining your CMA is one of the most significant things you can accomplish as an accountant if you want to be heavily involved in a firm.

2. The CMA advances your career :

The CMA can provide you with an intriguing, gratifying, and profitable accounting profession. The CMA distinguishes you from other accountants by explicitly expressing your career objectives. Adding the letters “CMA” after your name implies that you intend to manage money rather than just report them. Passing the CMA test demonstrates your eagerness to expand your knowledge beyond a bachelor’s or master’s degree. According to the IMA, 87% of CMAs say that becoming certified improved their capacity to move across all areas of business.

The CMA enables many accountants to advance to higher-level positions. CMAs hold the following positions, according to the IMA:

Staff Accountant Cost Accountant Senior Accountant Controller


Budget Analyst Internal Auditor Finance Manager Financial Analyst


Chief Financial Officer Chief Executive Officer Vice President, Finance Treasurer


As you can see, the CMA allows you to not only carve your position in business, but also to pull up a chair at the conference room table. Many CMAs climb up the ranks as a result of their profound understanding of both finance and business ideas.

If you obtain your CMA certification, you will have more job opportunities and opportunities for promotion. As the demand for accountants rises, so, too, does the demand for management accountants.

3. The CMA increases your earning potential :

CMAs make more money than non-CMAs. It’s as simple as that. Accountants with this credential earn 62% more on average globally, which comes to $31,000 more per year. When overall pay is considered (health insurance, retirement, fringe benefits, etc.), the difference widens even more.

The disparity is rising. CMAs earned only 45% more than non-CMAs in 2016. CMAs in the Americas earned almost $10,000 more on average in 2017 than they did in 2016.

CMAs may earn more money than non-CMAs for a variety of reasons. For one thing, CMAs are more equipped for managerial jobs, which are where the big money is in business. Second, becoming certified necessitates the demonstration of high-level management-related skills that are required of Chief Financial Officer and even Chief Executive Officer jobs. Companies are willing to pay a premium for people with these skills.

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4. The CMA gives you credibility and status :

CMAs have a greater understanding of numbers and finance than other accountants. According to the IMA, “CMAs can explain the ‘why’ behind numbers, not just the ‘what.'” To obtain the certification, you must know more about business than most accountants and accounting than most business people. People will come to you for answers to large picture, business-related finance questions once you have earned the CMA. When you’re the go-to expert for assistance, you may expect additional responsibilities as well as increased reputation and status. CMAs excel in the consultant role, distinguishing themselves as a key aspect of business operations.

5. Increase financial skills and knowledge

Accountants who obtain the CMA designation are frequently enthusiastic about accounting and finance. Pursuing a CMA necessitates a solid understanding of both basic and complicated management processes, as the two portions of the CMA exam cover a wide range of these topics. A CMA benefits in a variety of ways from mastering these important skill sets.

Because attaining the CMA credential necessitates a full understanding of management accounting processes, putting these principles into practice will provide transferable abilities. A CMA’s responsibilities are frequently more specialized than those of a general accountant. Incorporate responsibilities such as budget analysis and planning, important investment decisions, and risk management into your everyday routine to broaden your professional talents.

Other advantages of becoming a CMA include expanding your professional scope by taking on more managerial-level jobs. Many CMAs, for example, deal with putting data in a digestible format for executive boards and other key company officials. Most entry-level accountants and CPAs will not take on these responsibilities. As a CMA, you will also contribute to bigger corporate goals and will most likely be required to study external trends and numbers, which is typically reserved for upper-level accountants.

One of the numerous advantages of the CMA designation is that it allows you to obtain a better grasp of a company’s financial operations. If you want to learn more about cost accounting and broaden your job horizons, this could be the course for you.

Ready to earn your CMA?

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