CA Course Duration After 10th, 12th & Graduation (Complete Guide)

ca course duration after 10th,

Starting the path to become a Chartered Accountant (CA) is an exciting endeavor that opens up a world of possibilities in the business, accounting, and finance sectors. Gaining invaluable experiences and conquering challenges are all part of the path to becoming a chartered accountant (CA). This is true for both first-year students thinking about a career after ten or twelfth grade and graduates prepared to dive into the intricacies of financial management. After you graduate with results from grades 10 and 12, let’s talk about the intricacies of the CA Course Duration, important turning points, and necessary tools to help you along the way.

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CA Course Duration After 10th, 12th & Graduation

  • After 10th Grade:

In essence, the CA journey begins with the completion of the 10th grade. Enrollment in a CA foundation course is required.

For CA students, this is the basic stage that serves as a stepping stone. It gives pupils pertinent knowledge in general economics, accounting, taxation, and quantitative aptitude.

The CA foundation course lasts around four months, and it establishes the standards for the program’s later levels.

  • After 12th Grade:

The 5 year term after the 12th is required to become a CA. Those who, shortly after thinking about their 12th grade education, are pursuing a profession in California. Direct enrollment in the CA Foundation course streamlines the CA path. The CA Foundation course introduces you to the field of chartered accountancy by going deep into fundamental ideas and concepts. Comparable to the route following 10th grade, the CA Foundation course takes around four months to complete, plus an additional 2 months of waiting for results.

  • After Graduation:

Those who opt to pursue a CA course can bypass the CA foundation course and directly apply for the CA intermediate course, But the condition is, that you have to be graduates with excellent percentages, the minimum you must score 70 percent. The CA intermediate will dig you deeper into the dominion of accounting, taxation, financial management, and auditing, approximately, this course duration is 8th months.

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Key Resources To Aid Your CA Journey:

1. Best CA Coaching in India:

Looking for top-notch CA coaching institutes in India? Look no further, Agrawal Classes  is the best CA coaching in India and provides students a comprehensive study material, face-to-face interactions, and online and offline classes to help students master complex concepts.

Agrawal Classes ensures on-time coverage of the syllabus and facilitates students with three mock test series for each subject, all designed to mimic the ICAI patterns.

2. CA Online Classes:

In the digital age, online courses for qualified accountants, or CAs, have developed into a convenient and appealing way for aspiring CAs to continue their education whenever and wherever they choose.

These online learning environments offer a wide range of features, such as recorded sessions, live lectures, mock tests, and personalized feedback, to accommodate various teaching approaches.

Through the use of technology and interactive teaching methods, CA online courses provide students the freedom to study at their own pace and overcome distance.

Navigating The Examination Process :

CA Foundation Exam Time Table For June 2024

The CA foundation exam is going to start on the 20th of June 2024, according to ICAI guidelines.

Here’s the subject-wise time for table CA Foundation Exam

Subjects Dates
Principles & Practice Of Accounting 20th June 2024
Business Laws 22nd June 2024
Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning and Statistics 24th June 2024
Business Economics 26th June 2024

The Ultimate Guide for 12th + CA Foundation Combo Batch By Dr. Vaman Gavhane | Agrawal Classes Pune

ICAI CA Foundation Exam Timings June 2024

Note: As per the previous papers analysis check the below table for CA Foundation exam timings

CA Foundation Exam Papers Exam Timings
Paper 1st and 2nd 2 PM to 5 PM
Paper 3rd and 4th 2 PM to 4 PM

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CA Foundation Result Dec 2023 has Out

For CA Foundation December 2023 exam results were out on 7th February 2024 by ICAI. Those who still are not aware of it can go through the ICAI official website. It is required to have a roll number or registration number to confirm the December 2023 CA Foundation results. Learners can check their results online or offline, via SMS or email, for instance. As mentioned above, the ICAI will be conducting the exams for the CA Foundation Course in June 2024.

Exam Timetable Of CA Intermediate 2024

The CA Inter exams are scheduled for May, starting on May 3rd and ending on May 13th, 2024. Group-1 exams are scheduled for May 3rd, 5th, and 7th, while Group-2 exams will be held on May 9th, 11th, and 13th, 2024.

ICAI CA Final Exam Dates May 2024

The CA final exam is set to start on May 2 and end on May 12, according to the most recent notification from ICAI. Group 1 test, which includes Paper-1 (Financial Reporting), is scheduled for May 2 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

On May 4, 2024, the second paper for Group 1, Advanced Financial Management, is planned. The exam will take place from 2 to 5 p.m. The Advanced Auditing & Professional Ethics Paper 3 for Group 1 will take place on May 6, 2024, at the same exam time as the previous papers.

Group 2 CA Final exams: Paper-4 on Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation is on May 8th, Paper 5 on Indirect Tax Laws on May 10th, and Paper 6 on Multi-disciplinary Case Study with Strategic Management  is on May 12th.

The International Taxation – Assessment Test (INTT – AT) exams will take place on May 10th and 12th, 2024.

According to the ICAI official announcement, “It depicts that there would be no change in the schedule of examination timetable whether it is a government holiday or holiday by the state or local bodies. There would be no further change.

Embracing Practical Training

The CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, and CA Final are the three sections that make up the CA course. However, these three courses make up the core four components of the CA Course, together with getting ready for the CA Articleship.

Every student is required to finish an ICAI CA Articleship, a three-year program of practical training with a CA firm. To be eligible to register for an articleship, learners must complete any given section of CA Intermediate. Students who seek practical education are represented by articles, and the CA who oversees them is the principal.

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Will I Get Paid During The Articleship Training?

It’s true that dedicating three years of time is essential. On the other hand, a CA articleship comes with a substantial salary. Stipends of ₹2,000, ₹2,500, and ₹3,000 are awarded for the first, second, and third years of the course, respectively.

This instructional manual goes into great detail about CA articleships, including their importance, behavior expectations, qualifying requirements, and enrollment procedures. Students who receive a notable percentage on their CA intermediate exam are required to complete a three-year CA Articleship training program under the guidance of seasoned mentors. During this time, they will receive compensation. Hello!

Your questions regarding CA Articleship training may now be answered. This course is essential to your progress as a CA.

Why Articleship Mandatory?

The articleship training, which offers actual hands-on experience in real-world circumstances in addition to theoretical knowledge and examinations, is the most significant component of the CA program.

Trainees for articles may experiment with applying theoretical ideas in practical contexts under the guidance of seasoned mentors. Students are able to develop their abilities and acquire a critical grasp of the industry as a result.

Articleship training better prepares aspiring CAs for the expectations and responsibilities of the profession, serving as a connection between academia and professional practice.

In addition, the realm of books and examinations plays a significant role in the CA journey – articleship training. This practical training offers aspiring CAs with real-world divestment to the intricacies of accounting, auditing, taxation, and finance, nudging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. 

CA Foundation Result & CA Inter Result

Receiving the results of the CA Foundation and CA Inter exams is a crucial step in the process of becoming a chartered accountant.

These outcomes demonstrate the hard work, dedication, and perseverance of prospective chartered accountants, regardless of whether they are met with enthusiasm or thoughtful reflection.

Whatever the outcome, achieving a high score is a step closer to your ultimate objective of earning a prestigious CA credential.


In conclusion, becoming a chartered accountant is a challenging yet rewarding journey. By comprehending the course length and making use of tools like mentoring, online courses, and hands-on training, aspiring CAs can succeed. So set off on this thrilling journey with a strong sense of resolve and desire.

By recognizing that every action you take will help you go closer to your goal of becoming a chartered accountant.


The dates of the CA Foundation test are now known by ICAI. The tests are scheduled for June 20, 2024, to June 26, 2024. Students can visit the ICAI official page and website for more updates regarding the CA foundation.

The dates of the CA intermediate exams are 3rd May 2024 to 12 May 2024 for both group-1 and group-2. It is recommended that students regularly check the official ICAI page for the most recent information about any additional changes.

Yes, students receive payment during their Articleship training, with amounts of 2000, 2500, and 3000 for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd years respectively. Additionally, experienced industry experts provide mentorship, which will aid in shaping your CA career.

The average annual income for a Chartered Accountant in India is ₹11,22,901, with an additional lump sum cash compensation ranging from ₹71,885 to ₹2,69,571.

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