ICAI CA Final Fees Structure for 2023: Registration Fees, Coaching Fees, Exam Form Fees, Training

ca final fees

We’ll outline the entire CA Final cost structure for single and both groups in this article. When signing up for the CA Final course and completing the exam form, students must pay the fees. Therefore, the total cost of the CA Final Course is Rs. 38300 for one group and Rs. 39800 for both groups. The registration and exam form costs are included. The costs for teaching and practical training have also been addressed.

CA Final Fees 2023

The table below mentions the CA Final course fees for single and both groups.

Particular Single Group Both Groups
CA Final Registration Rs 22000 Rs 22000
CA Final Exam Form Rs. 1800 Rs. 3300
Practical training fees Rs. 14500 Rs. 14500

CA Final Registration Fees

For both classes, the registration cost for the CA Final is Rs. 20,000. The registration price for international students is $1000 USD.

Nationality CA Final Registration Fees
Indian Students Rs. 22000
Overseas Students $ 1100

CA Final Exam Form Fees

The cost of the CA Final test form is Rs. 3300 for both groups and Rs. 1800 for just one group. The examination fee for international students is US$ 325 for one group and US$ 550 for both groups.

The late cost is Rs. 600 for centres in India and Kathmandu and US$10 for centres outside of these two countries. The costs for both the single-group and combined CA Final exams are listed in the table below.

Centres Single Group Both Groups
Indian Students Rs. 1800 Rs. 3300
Overseas Students $ 325 $ 550
Kathmandu Students Rs. 2200 Rs.4000

Article ship/ Practical Training Fee for CA Final

Articleship is a requirement for becoming a CA and aids in learning by allowing for practical experience. Candidates must pay the articleship fee at the time of enrollment or the start of practical training. There is a Rs 2000 articleship charge. Students must pay Rs 500 to sign up for the ICAI’s scheduled practical training evaluation test. This aids students in evaluating the useful knowledge they acquired during their articleship.

CA Final Coaching Fees 2023

The student’s preparation for the CA Final is greatly aided by coaching. For the CA Final, Agrawal Classes offers both in-person and online courses. For one group, the CA Final Coaching costs Rs. 50,000, and for both groups, it costs Rs. Students can visit the CA Final Coaching page for more information.

Groups CA Final Coaching Fees
1st Group Rs. 50,000
2nd Group Rs. 50,000
Both Groups Rs. 100,000

Details Required to Fill the CA Final Registration form 2023

The details required to fill out the CA Final Registration Fees 2023 are as follow:

  1. Name of the applicant
  2. Social Category of the applicant
  3. Scanned mark sheet of CA Intermediate / IPCC exam
  4. Roll number of the applicant in CA intermediate / IPCC exam
  5. Mobile Number of the applicant
  6. Date of Birth of the applicant
  7. Gender of the applicant
  8. Marks obtained by the applicant in the Intermediate / IPCC exam
  9. Address of the applicant
  10. Email Address of the applicant
  11. Name of the applicant’s parents
  12. Nationality

Eligibility Criteria for the CA Final Exam 2023

Candidates must have passed the CA Intermediate/IPCC test with at least a 50% grade in order to be eligible for the CA Final registration. CA final does not offer a direct route for entry at the CA final level, similar to CA intermediate. Additionally, in order to be qualified for the CA Final test 2023, candidates had to receive a minimum of 40% in each topic for both groups.


The third level of the CA course is CA Final. You have learned about the structure of the CA Final Fees that you will be paying in the upcoming months thanks to this thorough explanation. In conclusion, you must pay the CA final registration fees, the exam fees, and the fees for the practical training.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fee for CA final registration?

The final registration fee for CA is Rs. 22000 for Indian candidates and $1000 for international candidates.

Is any amount charged for the journal membership in CA final course?

Journal membership is free for CA final course students.

Is CA final a tough course?

No, you only need to put in a lot of effort and stick to a decent study schedule for the CA final course.

Can CA final students prepare for exams without CA Coaching?

Without CA coaching, it is exceedingly challenging to prepare for the CA finals. The ideal approach for preparing for the CA intermediate exams is provided through CA tutoring.