Best Commerce Courses after 10th Class (2023)

commerce courses after 10th

Best Courses in Commerce After 10th Grade The hardest decision for pupils to make after passing class 10th is which of the three streams to pursue: commerce, science, or the arts. Every stream has a unique set of courses. But a new pattern indicates that a lot of students are leaning heavily toward commerce.

When compared to science and humanities, commerce is one of the academic streams that is expanding the fastest, so students tend to choose it. Consequently, following the tenth grade with one commerce course will put you on a safe career path.

Thus, following the tenth class, this article will offer a list of the best commerce courses. We also talked about post-October 10th eligibility for commerce programs.

List of Best Commerce Courses After 10th Class:

  1. Chartered Accountancy 
  2. Company Secretary 
  3. Cost and Management Accountant
  4. Bachelors of Business Administration
  5. Bachelors of Commerce
  6. Bachelors of Accounting and Finance
  7. Bachelor of Computer Application 

For kids, classes 11 and 12 are very important, and transitioning to career preparation after 12th grade can be challenging. Thus, just after the tenth grade is the ideal moment to start thinking about your career. So let’s get going and learn about the commerce stream first.

Commerce Stream and its Subjects?

A field connected to business, economy, trade, and finance is the commerce stream. Therefore, accountancy, business studies, and economics are the main subjects you will study in commerce classes 11–12. Although it is an elective, mathematics will become just as significant as the main subjects if you choose to take it in class 11. After the tenth grade, there are more elective courses in business, including EP, IP, and PE.

1. Accountancy

The measurement, processing, and distribution of a business’s vital financial data is known as accounting. It also include figuring out and researching the financial transactions that an organization makes.

Accounts classes in grades 11 and 12 cover chapters on profit and non-profit organizations, such as companies, partnerships, and dissolution. In essence, it instructs students on how to enter financial transactions into an organization’s books of accounts.

2. Business Studies

This topic is crucial because new business practices have arisen as a result of new technology. This course covers traditional and modern approaches, frameworks, and other business-related topics. In essence, it covers subjects related to financial markets, consumer protection, commercial environments, and organizational management.

3. Economics

The study of economics is exciting because it offers a comprehensive grasp of how the economy functions on both domestic and international markets. The study of economy covers subjects pertaining to a country’s gross domestic product and national revenue. The knowledge of annual budgets and their function in the Indian economy is further enhanced for pupils by it.

Other Subjects in the Commerce Stream

In addition to the subjects listed above, you will also study the following topics in Commerce Class 11:

  • English 
  • Mathematics
  • Information Practices
  • Psychology
  • Home Science 
  • Computer Science
  • Physical Education
  • Fine Arts

Why choose Commerce after the 10th?

After tenth grade, one of the most lucrative job paths is in commerce. After the tenth grade, you will have a plethora of possibilities for commerce courses, all of which lead to rewarding employment.

Any career in the commerce stream can provide you with growth, stability, and financial security in a few of years. Additionally, you can operate your own firm or startup or work in the public or private sectors. There are countless chances offered by commerce courses.

List of Commerce Courses After 10th

This is a list of commerce stream courses you can enroll in after the tenth. The courses listed below are the top picks for commerce students and were selected after extensive study.

1. Chartered Accountancy Course

After the 10th grade in the commerce stream, one of the top professional courses is CA. The CA program, with a focus on commercial accounting, equips you to manage a variety of tasks. In their early years, a CA makes between 7-8 lakhs per year. It is among the most well-respected careers in the nation. After the tenth grade, the length of the CA course is seven years (two years for the eleventh and 12th grades).

Eligibility: Provisional registration is permitted for the CA course upon passing the tenth lesson. On the other hand, after taking the board exams for the 12th grade, you can take the CA Foundation.

The Agrawal Classes accepts students to help them prepare for the CA exams. The greatest CA school is Agrawal Classes , where hundreds of students achieved All India Ranks in the examinations.

2. Company Secretary

Students studying commerce can enroll in the CS program, which is similar to the CA Course and covers topics including taxation, securities and exchanges, governance, and taxes. The student who would like to attend the CS Course has to undergo three phases to pursue the Company Secretaries Course i.e.

3. Cost and Management Accountant

Students in class 10 benefit from the CMA course as they are ready for both the accounting and management fields of business. The ideal choice is CMA if you have equal interest in these two streams. You must also pass the Foundation, Intermediate, and Final exam levels in this case. The CMA Course lasts for three years.

Eligibility: CMA course allows registration for 12th-pass students.

4. Bachelors of Business Administration

The vast field of management is covered in BBA courses. It’s one of the well-known commerce courses for non-mathematics students after the tenth grade. Specializations and a general course are both available in BBA courses. After the tenth, select a BBA concentration course if you have chosen a certain management career path. Otherwise, you should enroll in the standard BBA program.

Eligibility: The minimal requirement for admission to the BBA degree program is 12+ years old. The candidate must have earned a 40% grade on their Class 12 or comparable exam.

5. Bachelors of Commerce

After tenth grade, one of the very old school courses for students in the commerce stream is B.Com. It covers every topic pertaining to business and trade. The B.Com program includes general and specialty courses, just like the BBA program does. Usually, students take this subject in addition to another course. This is due to its ease of cracking.

Eligibility: The minimum course qualification is a 12th pass.

6. Bachelors of Accounting and Finance

After tenth grade, students interested in accounting and finance can enroll in BAF. The BAF course has a three-year duration. You will gain excellent information about auditing, investment analysis, management, etc. after completing this course.

Eligibility: Students who have completed their 12th class can enrol in this degree course.

7. Bachelor of Computer Application

After the 10th grade, students who enjoy computer languages, software, and applications should enroll in this commerce subject. You will gain a solid foundation in computer applications with the aid of this course. You will learn about many languages, database management, software engineering, and other topics in this course.

Eligibility: You must pass the class 12 board exams in order to register for this degree program.

These are your options for the top commerce courses offered after the10th grade. On the other hand, we have included a few more commerce courses you can take after 10th grade in the sections that follow.

Career Options after 10th for Commerce Students with Maths

  • BBM Course
  • BA Mathematics
  • BCom Honours
  • BA in Statistics
  • BSc Economics

Commerce Courses after 10th Without Maths

You can get enrolled in the following courses from the commerce stream if you don’t choose maths:

  • BCom
  • BBA
  • BMS
  • Bachelor in Hotel Management
  • BA English Literature

Apart from the standard degree programs, you can also pursue a variety of professional certificates. If you would like to work for any of these professional qualifications, here are some options.

Professional Courses after 10th Commerce

  • Chartered Accountancy
  • CMA (Cost & Management Accountant)
  • Company Secretary
  • CFA Course (Chartered Financial Analyst)
  • Engineering
  • Medical
  • Law
  • Digital Marketing

Creative Courses After 10th in Commerce

As a course that spans multiple disciplines, Commerce offers students the opportunity to choose from courses and careers in the humanities, law, arts, and other pertinent fields. Some of the courses that students who intend to pursue creative courses find most appealing are listed below.

  • Photography Courses
  • Mass Communication Courses
  • Fashion Designing Courses
  • Interior Designing 
  • Digital Film making Courses
  • Animation Courses

CA Foundation Course – Best Commerce Courses after 10th with Agrawal Classes

The finest course in commerce after the tenth and twelfth grades is CA. Following the 10th, you can provisionally register for the CA Course if you also want to become a chartered accountant.


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Three key elements are emphasized by Agrawal Classes: instruction, practice exams, and one-on-one counseling. You can prepare for the CA exams completely with the aid of these three variables. We will also assist you with organizing your study, easily grasping the material, and improving via frequent practice exams.

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By now, you should be quite aware of the best Commerce courses available following the tenth class. Consider what areas of commerce interest you after the tenth grade and what will lead to a stable profession and a comfortable quality of life when choosing a course. 

In light of this, it appears that the CA course is a great choice for students studying commerce. We offer the best coaching programs at Agrawal if you decide to pursue CA or CMA courses.


Indeed, after the10th, the best stream is commerce. Numerous lucrative employment choices are available in the Commerce stream.

Chartered Accountancy after 10th is the best course for commerce students.

Yes. After the 10th, short-term courses are indeed beneficial. However, you must be picking up useful skills. But we would advise you to take a degree course as well.

Yes. CA is the greatest option, as we have stated. It’s because obtaining a CA opens up high-earning prospects for you.

Studying commerce stream courses, you can do jobs like Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, Investment Banker, Chief Financial Officer, Economist, Manager, etc.