How to do Preparation for CA After Graduation?

Thinking about Preparing for CA After Graduation. Don’t worry, we’ve covered all you need to know if you are planning. How to Become a CA After Graduation. Follow the instructions below. 

The Chartered Accountant course is becoming increasingly popular in India due to rising demand. A growing number of people are pursuing their aspirations by enrolling in the CA program. The majority of pupils began preparing for the CA after the 12th grade. However, some pupils realize their ambition later. Some of them must change careers in order to advance professionally. However, it is too late to be okay. Anyone can pursue their desire of becoming a CA. Whether you prefer to join after 12th grade, graduation, or post-graduate. Students can now consider taking a CA course after graduation.

To address such concerns, the ICAI has recommended several changes so that students interested in pursuing a CA course after graduation can also apply to the ICAI. The ICAI created the Direct Entry Scheme technique, which allows students to apply for Chartered Accountancy courses after graduation. 

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CA Course After Graduation

There are mainly two ways for a student to pursue CA in India. The CA Foundation Route Method or Direct Entry Route Method. Students who desire to pursue a Chartered Accountancy course after graduation must take the Direct Entry Route Method. ICAI has also provided various benefits to students who plan to become CAs after graduation.

Eligibility for CA After Graduation

The following are the eligibility conditions for the Chartered Accountant Course after graduation. 

To participate in the CA Direct entry route technique, students must first achieve sufficient marks before filling out the CA Direct scheme application form.

  • Candidates with a commerce degree should have a minimum of 55% marks to be eligible for CA.
  • Candidates who have earned a science degree should have a 60% chance of becoming CAs after graduation.
  • Candidates who have passed the CA Intermediate level examination of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India or the Institute of Cost Accountants of India can study for the CA After graduation.
  • Candidates in their last year can also apply for the CA Direct entrance path. These students must apply via the provisional approach, which requires them to present their graduation mark sheet within six months. 

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Procedure for CA After Graduation

The steps for completing CA after graduation are outlined here. These procedures are taken using the Direct Entry System. 

Students pursuing a Chartered Accountant course after graduation or at the intermediate level of ICSI or ICWA are exempt from taking the CA Foundation Examination.

Candidates Applying for Chartered Accountant After Graduation

  • Complete ICITSS training given by the ICAI.
  • Register yourself with the Board of studies of ICAI for CA Intermediate examination. 
  • Register for 3 years of article ship training.
  • Complete 9 months of Articleship training.
  • Clear one or both groups of CA Intermediate Exams.
  • Complete Articleship training along with AICITSS.
  • Complete the second group of CA Intermediate Exams if remaining.
  • Register for CA Final After completion of training and CA intermediate.

Candidates Applying for Chartered Accountant after Passing ICSI or ICWA Intermediate Examination

  • Register with the board of studies of Bos.
  • After that candidates have to undergo 8 months of the study period.  
  • Clear both groups of CA Intermediate examination.
  • Enroll yourself with the CA Articleship training.
  • Complete AICITSS training along with the CA Articleship training.
  • Appear for the CA Final examination during the last six months. 

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CA After Graduation Duration

The duration of the Chartered Accountancy course varies from student to student. Still, students enrolling for graduation do not need to take the CA Foundation examination.

The duration of a Chartered Accountancy course after graduation is around three years if students complete their training and pass the examination on the first attempt.

Below are some of the Pros. and Cons of CA After Graduation.


The Minimum Duration of the Chartered Accountant course After graduation is around 3 years.

Yes, students who have successfully completed their graduation or are in their final year can apply for the Chartered accountancy course.

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